Institute of marine geology and geophysics FEB RAS
is delighted to invite scientists and specialists,
postgraduate students and students to participate in the conference
"Geodynamical processes and natural hazards".
The conference is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Institute.
It will be held on 6-10 September, 2011 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

We hope that both our old friends and scientists, who have not previously visited Sakhalin Island,

will be able share this celebration with us.
The conference aims to discuss actual scientific problems that concern not only the scientists of the Russian Far East, including natural dusasters, their hazard and and risk assestment, as well as recent technologies of geophysical monitoring in seismically active areas and regions of high tsunami risk..


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tel.: 8 (4242) 79-15-17



Second circular sent out.


Online registration is available.


Online registration will be available at the end of February.


The conference website is up and running!

Registration form

(till July 1)

form of participation
Are you speaker of this report?
"Smith.docx" (*.doc, *.rtf)
Are you ready to prepare a publication for the "IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science" (Scopus)? Publication fee - 6 000 - 7 000 RUR. The article will be published in 2022.
Are you ready to prepare a publication for the "Geosystems of Transition Zones"? Free publication.
Would you like to take part in a tourist trip to the South Kuril Islands - Iturup or Kunashir? The preliminary cost is 70 000 - 90 000 RUR. Duration 5-7 days.
Would you like to take part in a sightseeing tour of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk?
One day trips - chose option. Field clothing and footwear is required.

Registration complited! The organizing committee will contact you.